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  Health Policy Publishing, LLC is the leading source of health care business and policy publications including Accountable Care News, Population Health News (with Medical Home News supplement), Care Analytics News (with Analytics Technology and Care Intervention Editions), and Value Based Payment News. Health Policy Publishing also offers free Bulletins corresponding with each of the above subscription newsletters, as well as HealthChange Bulletin.

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  About the Editors:
Editors for Health Policy Publishing newsletters include Russell Jackson for Accountable Care News and Value-Based Payment News; and Peter Grant, Jr. for Population Health News.

About the Publisher:

Clive Riddle, is Publisher of all Health Policy Publishing publications Mr. Riddle is a 30+ year veteran in the health care industry, and is President of MCOL (, the health care business information publishing company. Prior to forming MCOL in 1995, Mr. Riddle served as CEO for a regional provider sponsored health plan for more than a decade. Mr. Riddle is based in Modesto, CA.
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  Subscribers to Health Policy Publishing newsletters can elect to pay by monthly by credit card, or annually by credit card or check. Subscription delivery can include both electronic and print at no extra charge, or may be just print or electronic as desired. Site licenses and multiple publication discounts (joint subscriptions to applicable Health Policy Publications newsletters) are available. Click here for more information.  
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  For inquiries regarding subscriptions, administrative, or story submissions & editorial:
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Claire Thayer, Vice President, Business Development
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Unauthorized Copying or Retransmission is Illegal: Health Policy Publishing newsletters are copyrighted under the U.S. Copyright Act. Unauthorized photocopying or retransmission by electronic means is restricted by law and may subject the copyright infringer to substantial civil damages. The publisher's policy is to aggressively pursue copyright infringers.

If a subscriber needs multiple copies or the ability to share electronic copies within its organization, multiple subscription plans are available at discounted rates. For more information, click here or contact Health Policy Publishing at (209) 577-4888.

Reward program for reporting unauthorized copying -- up to $25,000: Health Policy Publishing will pay a reward for information regarding unauthorized copying or electronic redistribution of the newsletter. The reward will be one half of any recovery resulting from a copyright infringement (less legal fees and other expenses related to the recovery) up to a maximum reward payment of $25,000. The payment will be made to the individual or individuals who in the opinion of our legal counsel first provided the factual information, which was necessary for the recovery.

If you have knowledge regarding the unauthorized copying or electronic redistribution of Health Policy Publishing newsletters, phone us at (209) 577-4888, or email The terms of this reward program are subject to modification by notice published in Health Policy Publishing newsletters..
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